Believing The Bird

March 24, 2023 White Pelican at Sherman Lake

We park on the east side Sherman Lake. As we prepare to walk around the water, we notice a large number of coots, ducks, geese, and gulls enjoying the late March afternoon. A large white spot near the highway catches our attention. It’s a solo white pelican.

He finally gets tired of our attention (and we’re not very close) and flies off to a more distant spot, so we start our walk.

We go clock-wise, starting with the side near the highway, hoping to get closer to the pelican for a better shot. Because of a wreck out on US 160, traffic has been detoured through this section and there is a lot of traffic.

We’re happy to get past this and on to the dirt lane that circles the lake. This section of road separates the lake from a large canal. The reflections of trees on the opposite side make lovely photos.

This side also borders the Rio Grande River Access trail which is now closed for nesting season. It will open again mid-July.

We never do get really close to the pelican. He flies away when we approach a closer shot.

This walk offers many new things to observe, a nice change from our usual jaunt around the trail at Shriver-Wright. Opposite the far end of the lake is a property that has a sheep and two donkeys. We talk to the animals and take their picture. What is it about a donkey that looks so sweet, belying their reputation for stubbornness?

As we round the curve leading back to our car, I remember getting a great photo of a sandhill crane in the field there several years ago. Today the cranes are elsewhere.

This walk is only about a mile but the visual stimulation is rewarding. We head back home content with our experience.

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